Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit

Talc is a mineral often used in cosmetic and personal hygiene products. It’s loose form, talcum powder, is often found in baby powders and feminine body powders. However, there has been evidence of a link between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer since the 1970s. The American Cancer Society combined data from 16 studies that indicated a 30% increase in ovarian cancer risk among users […] Read more »

What is a Credit Score?

what is a credit score

Advertisers love to mention credit scores and how important it is to have a high one. However, they rarely explain the details behind what goes into a credit score and how the process works. So, what is a credit score? Credit scores allow companies to evaluate the potential risk of a customer. Having a good score is important in many situations such as applying for […] Read more »

Personal Injury Attorney in Ventura County


Have you or someone that you care about been recently involved in a preventable accident that resulted in a personal injury? If you answer yes to this question, you already understand how a debilitating injury can change your entire life. Personal injuries are difficult, life-altering events that can leave you frustrated and unsure of where to turn. Daniel A. Higson is a personal injury attorney […] Read more »