Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Accident

hiring a lawyer after a car accident

Are you thinking of hiring a lawyer after a car accident? Car accidents create chaos. What’s left after the crash is stress and confusion, which is often made more difficult if you’ve been injured. The loss of control makes it tough to wrap your head around the right questions to ask in order to protect yourself and your loved ones. After the initial shock of […] Read more »

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Lawsuit

Talc is a mineral often used in cosmetic and personal hygiene products. It’s loose form, talcum powder, is often found in baby powders and feminine body powders. However, there has been evidence of a link between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer since the 1970s. The American Cancer Society combined data from 16 studies that indicated a 30% increase in ovarian cancer risk among users […] Read more »

What is a Credit Score?

what is a credit score

Advertisers love to mention credit scores and how important it is to have a high one. However, they rarely explain the details behind what goes into a credit score and how the process works. So, what is a credit score? Credit scores allow companies to evaluate the potential risk of a customer. Having a good score is important in many situations such as applying for […] Read more »